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This mix of dried fruits includes: Apricots, Pitted Prunes, Figs, Pears and Apple Rings. To ensure the highest levels of quality, we mix it up ourselves!

Allergens in Bold Apricots, Prunes, Figs, Pears, Apple Rings, Vegetable Oil, Preservatives: Sulphur Dioxide E220, Potassium Sorbate E202. May contain stones.
Energy (Kjoules) 1087
Energy (Kcal) 283
Fat 0.28g
Of which Saturates 0.15g
Carbohydrate 70.6g
Of which Sugars 65g
Fibre 8.5g
Protein 1.7g
Salt 0.4g
Health Benefits Fat Free. Low Saturated Fat. High in Fibre.
Country of Origin Product of more than one country
Useful Information

A delicious blend of sweet dried apricots, prunes, (moist plums), delicious figs, tasty pears halves, and tart apples rings. They are ripened by the sun naturally to the peak of their flavour. Then, they are dried, carefully moisturised, and packaged in a sturdy tub to lock in natural goodness.
Eating a combination of dried mixed fruit such as this one can deliver a variety of nutrients.
Our very popular fruit salad mix is made to our own recipe of Apricots, Prunes (pitted), Figs, Pear Halves and Apple rings
Figs are from Turkey. They do not contain any other ingredient only figs. They are sun dried and ready to eat straight from the container. They are moist figs. They make a healthy tasty snack. Can be made into a compote or chopped into salads or breakfast cereals.
Apple rings are from China. They can be helpful for babies when teething to chew on. Contains sulphur dioxide to help keep the colour.
Apricots are from Turkey. They are sun dried and ready to eat straight from the container. They are moist. They make a tasty snack any time. Contains sulphur dioxide to help keep the bright orange colour.
Prunes are dried plums and these are from Chile. They are moist and moreish. They are pitted by machine, but an occasional pit may still be found. Prunes may be eaten straight from the bag, soaked overnight, or made into compotes. Prunes can be added chopped to breakfast cereals or as an ingredient in baking pastries or cakes. They contain Potassium Sorbate due to the stones being removed.
Pear Halves are from South Africa. They can be eaten straight from the container, soaked overnight, made into compotes or purees. They can be chopped into breakfast cereals, salads or as an ingredient in baking pastries and cakes. They contain sulphur dioxide to maintain their colour.

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