Carol Anne is produced by Rascal Confectionery Ltd., recognised throughout the candy industry as one of the best in producing coated dragees.

The firm was established to provide superior-quality sweets while ensuring outstanding client service, which is still a mainstay today. Carol Anne's sweets are all carefully prepared using only the highest-quality ingredients, and this attention to detail ensures that each sweet is delectable and suited to every event.

Whether shopping for a tasty present for yourself or a loved one, Carol Anne's confectionery is sure to appease. Carol Anne is a well-known company in the candy industry, producing coated fruits and nuts.

This brand has solid buyer loyalty for all its products, and its quality has been recognised for over 50 years. Since our inception in 1988, Natural Health 4 Life has sold Carol Anne products, and we are delighted to be able to continue selling this popular confectionery after more than 30 years.

The Taste

If you have not tried Carol Anne's confectionery yet, you are certainly missing a treat.

Their range of dragees covers all types of coatings on all the popular fillings and even some you may not have even thought of. The range starts with roasted coffee beans covered in dark chocolate and ends with honeycomb chunks covered in milk chocolate. In addition to these highly popular choices in the range, there are also flavoured chocolates such as coffee, honeycomb chunks covered in milk chocolate, and cashew nuts covered in a yoghurt coating.

These, amongst all the many other very popular varieties in the Carol Anne range, are all guaranteed not to disappoint even the most critical chocolate fan.

Available Sizes and Samples

From tiny snack packs to storage jars that also present terrific ideas for difficult-to-buy individuals, we offer a large selection of sweets.

If you're still unsure whether any of our confectionery is right for you, ask for a little sample of anything, and we'll send one to you free of charge with your next order. Once you have placed an order, you can reach out to us with your request, and we will be happy to assist you with your order free of charge.

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