Over the last 10 years, considerable attention has been given to the healthful benefits of nuts in the diets of the general population. This is not only due to the growing popularity of sustainable living but also to scientific research that has proven that plant-based diets offer amazing health benefits. With statistics showing over 50% of the population follows a vegetarian or vegan diet, manufacturers are developing ways to add more excitement to this plant-based lifestyle. Nuts contain more vitamins and minerals than almost any other type of food, and they come in a wide variety of colours, tastes, and textures. New developments in coating technology have resulted in new and exciting, sweet and savoury coatings for nuts. These food powerhouses can sometimes be viewed as being a little plain in their taste, and these recent developments have turned nuts into a new snack revolution.

Salted Nuts

100 years ago, roasted and salted peanuts were an original and unique culinary delight. But over the last 30 years, old-fashioned salted peanuts have had to contend with a new challenger: the gourmet honky-tonk. In the last decade, this "other nut" has been taking the market by storm. It is deliciously different in texture and taste, and it offers some very special versions of "old school" salted peanuts. Presently, we offer almond nuts, cashew nuts, pecan nuts, and a blend of these. But, in the future, we plan to include other popular nuts in this range.

Flavoured Nuts

Although almond nuts, cashew nuts, hazelnuts, and pecan nuts have been successfully coated in various sweet and savoury coatings, the nut itself has not been changed. All kinds of different snacks today can be cooked attractively, or coated in a variety of flavours. Some snacks have a caramelised coating, others a natural flavouring like cocoa, or fruit. Some savoury snacks are baked with a coating that consists of spices, some of which can be spicy hot, which became popular with Mexican food and is now an integral part of the snack market. The third version of flavoured nuts is a dream combination of the sweet and the savoury, containing both honey and chilli flavour. This truly unique experience is a guaranteed hit among customers.

Sizes and Samples are Available

From our delicious range of flavoured nuts, such as chocolate coated nuts, salted or honey roasted almonds, cashews, and peanuts, we have something for everyone! We have a small snack pack of peanuts, suitable for your handbag, or desk drawer, through to a larger jar that can be used as a tasteful gift for friends or family. For those of you who are still unsure whether any of our exclusively blended nuts are for you, you can request a small sample of any item with your next order, and we will be more than happy to send you a free sample.

Contact us with your order number immediately after placing your order with your request and we will add it to your order at no extra charge.

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