Add a touch of natural sweetness to your culinary creations with our dried mixed cake fruit. This perfect blend of jumbo flame raisins, golden raisins, and currants not only enhances the flavour of your baked goods and offers a range of health benefits.

Our premium mix is low in fat, saturated fat-free, and low in sodium, making it a guilt-free addition to your recipes. Our mix's high-quality raisins and currants are a product of South Africa, Chile, and Greece, ensuring a consistent and delicious taste every time. Incorporate this versatile mix into your baking routine and watch as it transforms your cakes, scones, biscuits, and muffins into delectable treats. You can even sprinkle them on your breakfast cereals or salads for a burst of natural sweetness.

The jumbo flame raisins in our mix are plump, seedless, and sun-dried, offering a long shelf life and a delightful taste. Golden raisins, on the other hand, are dehydrated with temperature control and humidity, retaining their light colour and moisture. These raisins are rich in natural sugars, providing a healthy and delicious snack option. Our Greek currants come from the sun-drenched island of Zakynthos, where they are carefully dried to preserve their small, sweet, and seedless characteristics. Nutritious and flavourful, currants share similar nutritional information with raisins, as they are both dried grapes.

Discover the irresistible taste of Natural Health 4 Life's dried mixed cake fruit and elevate your culinary creations to new heights. Now comes in an eco-friendly, no plastic, all paper tub for security and freshness, this delicious blend is waiting to become your go-to ingredient for various recipes. Don't miss out; order yours today and indulge in the taste sensation that is our dried mixed cake fruit.

Allergens in Bold Flame Raisins (45%)(Sunflower Oil), Golden Raisins (35%)(High Oleic Sunflower Oil, Preservative: Sulphur Dioxide E220), Currants (20%)(Sunflower Oil).
Energy (Kjoules) 1125
Energy (Kcal) 264
Fat 0.7g
Of which Saturates 0.08g
Carbohydrate 65.7g
Of which Sugars 65.7g
Fibre 1.98g
Protein 2.78g
Salt 0.05g
Health Benefits Low Fat. Saturated Fat Free. Low Sodium/Salt.
Country of Origin Product of more than one country
Useful Information

Our moist mixed cake fruit is made up of Golden Raisins (South Africa) 40%, Jumbo Flame Raisins (Chile) 40% and Currants (Greece) 20%.
The mix can be added to any cake to make the cake more tasty and naturally sweeter.
They can be added as an ingredient when baking to scones, biscuits, muffins, flapjacks and also added to breakfast cereals or salads.
They are a great healthy snack anytime.
Jumbo Flame raisins are plump, seedless, sweet and have a long keeping shelf life. They are picked ripe because they do not ripen after harvest.
The raisins are sun dried. They are very delicious and moreish.
Golden raisins are seedless and to retain their light colour and moisture are usually put into dehydrators which are temperature controlled and humid. These raisins contain vegetable oil and sulphur dioxide to maintain colour.
Raisins are sweet due to their high concentration of sugars. This is made up of glucose and fructose. (about 58% normally but can reach higher levels).
Raisins are a healthy and delicious snack.

Our Greek currants are the smaller, sweeter, seedless dried berries from ripe grapes in Zakynthos, One of the Greek Island.
The nutritional information for currants is similar to the raisins because they all are just dried grapes.
The currants are a high grade and not gritty.

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