How to use the Mind and Body Connection for Better Health

The biochemistry of the human body is uniquely sensitive to your thoughts and emotions. It literally takes a fraction of a second for a thought or experience to change the way your body performs.

The American army did a series of tests on subjects who were shown different pictures and videos to provoke an emotional response, such as happiness, sadness, horror and sexual. The machinery that they were linked to recorded an almost instantaneous change in the biochemistry of the subject, proving beyond any doubt that our mind controls the performance of every cell of our body.

Remember, the next time you see or read anything negative, that the emotion evoked has set off a chemical change that is not good for your health and the longer the thought remains the deeper the effect. This is a fundamental mind and body connection.

If you have been sceptical about there being more to life than just the physical body, let me tell you about how the American army tests went a stage further. A sample of the subjects DNA was also taken at the time and the DNA was also connected to their equipment. The DNA was not connected to the subject and was even sited in a different room. The results showed that biochemical change had still occurred, and at exactly the same moment in time.

This proved the existence of a mind body connection through the DNA, which is the blue print of the body. This phenomenon exists even if the DNA is not still part of the body in any way. The DNA was later moved further away from the subject but the results were still found to be identical. The furthest the DNA was taken from the body was 400 miles, yet the results were the same and the change was still instantaneous. At this distance, any results were expected to come back with a time delay relating to the distance, but the results showed the change happened at precisely the same moment as the result on the subject.

There are many theories as to what is happening here, but the current scientific explanation is that everything whether an animal or inanimate is connected by a matrix, and the human emotion can transcend great distances and influence change in another’s biochemistry, anywhere in the world.

They have even tested what they call the “heart field” and found that this has an effect on other human beings miles away. All these tests have been carried out by eminent scientists who until recently would only believe what they could see. There is now an ever growing body of scientists who believe in the existence of the hologram matrix.

Forgive this lengthy explanation, but this is evidence that I hope will convince you and any sceptics reading this, that we are more than just skin and bone. The human thought and emotion is powerful indeed, and the control over your own biochemistry should not be underestimated.

Remember the last time you heard some shocking news, did it not affect your digestion or raise your pulse, give you a cold shiver or bring you out in a sweat. I am not saying you can control the arrival of bad news, but if you are feeling down just remember what it is doing to your health. Is it really worth feeling sorry for yourself and upsetting your health?

Make it a point not to read or listen to negative news, like in the newspapers or on television, it really isn’t helping your health. The old adage about laughter being the best medicine has been scientifically proven. Take my advice and laugh your way back to health. Can you possibly think of any more enjoyable way to accomplish this?

University studies have found that the emotions which have the greatest effect on other beings in your local area are gratitude, love and compassion. Numerous studies have shown how groups of people who concentrated their thoughts and emotions together could lower crime rates and bring about miraculous healing.

Begin using your thoughts today to change your health for the better and you may even be helping other people around you to be healthy as well.

Think of your thoughts as ripples spreading out to others around you and from them onwards. At one time these ideas would have been the theories of madmen. Today science is proving what many people have known for years.

The “Dead Sea Scrolls” were written by the Essene people around the time of Christ. The writings in the scrolls, which tell about things which were missing in the bible such as the early life of Jesus, tell about the existence of an energy which links all beings together. This is what many scientists today are calling the holographic matrix, which they are only now beginning to understand. These Essenes were supremely intelligent people who took their teachings all over the world. Today we can see evidence of their ways and teachings in many native cultures.

To summarise, the power of the mind and body connection should not be underestimated and should be used by every one of us to bring health and happiness, and anything else you want in your life. Don’t wait or look for other signs to confirm what I am telling you, it is fact. Do yourself and those around you a big favour and think yourself back to health. Use it as the basis for your health regime. If you don’t do anything else this will serve you well for the rest of your life. Keep positive and have faith that everything will work out for the best, no matter what happens along the way.

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