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Natural Health 4 Life takes immense pride in presenting the dried fruit selection gift box, a curated ensemble of nine distinct dried fruits housed in its resealable tub. This gift box is a treat for the palate and a feast for the eyes, with its vibrant colours and textures.

This gift box is perfect for various occasions, such as birthdays or anniversaries, and even as a thoughtful Christmas hamper. It's an excellent way to introduce someone to gourmet dried fruits or indulge in a personal treat. The box is elegantly designed, making it a suitable gift for personal and corporate settings. The selection includes dried natural banana coins, dried apricots, crystallised ginger, pitted dates, dried figs, pitted prunes, flame and golden raisins, dried mango, and sweetened fried banana chips. Each fruit is carefully chosen for its unique flavour profile and nutritional benefits. The tubs are resealable, ensuring the fruits retain their natural aroma and freshness for an extended period.

The dried natural banana coins are a delightful snack, rich in potassium and fibre. On the other hand, dried apricots are a good source of vitamins A and C, making them an ideal choice for boosting immunity. Crystallised ginger offers a spicy kick and is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Pitted dates are sweet and rich in essential nutrients like iron and magnesium. Dried figs are a treasure trove of calcium and antioxidants, while pitted prunes are excellent for digestive health. Flame and golden raisins are a sweet treat that provides a good amount of fibre and antioxidants. Dried mango is a tropical delight, rich in vitamin C and other essential nutrients. Lastly, the sweetened fried banana chips offer a crunchy texture and are a fun way to enjoy the goodness of bananas.

Natural Health 4 Life ensures that all the fruits in this selection are of the highest quality, sourced from trusted suppliers. The fruits are preserved using minimal additives, ensuring you enjoy the natural flavours in their purest form. Whether you want to indulge your sweet tooth or seek a healthful gift, this dried fruit selection gift box is your go-to choice.

Allergens in Bold Natural Banana Coins Ingredients - Bananas, Preservative: Sulphur Dioxide E220. Dried Apricots Ingredients - Apricots, Preservative: Sulphur Dioxide E220. Crystallised Ginger Ingredients - Ginger, Sugar, Acidity Regulator: Citric Acid E330. May contain traces of Sulphites. Pitted Dates Ingredients - Dates, Vegetable Oil. May contain stones. Dried Figs Ingredients - Figs. Pitted Prunes Ingredients - Prunes, Water, Preservative: Potassium Sorbate E202. Flame & Golden Raisins Ingredients - In variable proportions: Flame Raisins, Golden Raisins, High Oleic Sunflower Oil, Preservative: Sulphur Dioxide E220. Dried Mango Ingredients - Mangos, Preservative: Sulphur Dioxide E220. Fried Banana Chips Ingredients - Bananas, Coconut Oil, Refined Cane Sugar, Natural Banana Flavouring (ex. Maize).
Energy (Kjoules) Natural Banana Coins - 1510. Dried Apricots - 674. Crystallised Ginger - 1607. Pitted Dried Dates - 1002. Dried Figs - 1238. Pitted Prunes - 633. Flame & Golden Raisins - 1122. Dried Mango - 1394. Fried Banana Chips - 1845.
Energy (Kcal) Natural Banana Coins - 361. Dried Apricots - 158. Crystallised Ginger - 384. Pitted Dried Dates - 235. Dried Figs - 296. Pitted Prunes - 149. Flame & Golden Raisins - 264. Dried Mango - 328. Fried Banana Chips - 441.
Fat Natural Banana Coins - 0.4g. Dried Apricots - 0.6g. Crystallised Ginger - 0g. Pitted Dried Dates - 0.6g. Dried Figs - 2.7g. Pitted Prunes - 0.3g. Flame & Golden Raisins - 0.76g. Dried Mango - 1.2g. Fried Banana Chips - 26.5g.
Of which Saturates Natural Banana Coins - 0g. Dried Apricots - 0g. Crystallised Ginger - 0g. Pitted Dried Dates - 0.6g. Dried Figs - 1g. Pitted Prunes - 0.06g. Flame & Golden Raisins - 0.09g. Dried Mango - 0.5g. Fried Banana Chips - 26.5g.
Carbohydrate Natural Banana Coins - 86.6g. Dried Apricots - 36.5g. Crystallised Ginger - 93.4g. Pitted Dried Dates - 58.7g. Dried Figs - 66g. Pitted Prunes - 36.5g. Flame & Golden Raisins - 65.3g. Dried Mango - 84.7g. Fried Banana Chips - 47.1g.
Of which Sugars Natural Banana Coins - 53.2g. Dried Apricots - 36.5g. Crystallised Ginger - 92.6g. Pitted Dried Dates - 58.0g. Dried Figs - 51.8g. Pitted Prunes - 36.5g. Flame & Golden Raisins - 65.3g. Dried Mango - 74.0g. Fried Banana Chips - 29.4g.
Fibre Natural Banana Coins - 2g. Dried Apricots - 6.3g. Crystallised Ginger - 1.8g. Pitted Dried Dates - 2.4g. Dried Figs - 6.1g. Pitted Prunes - 5.7g. Flame & Golden Raisins - 2g. Dried Mango - 7.2g. Fried Banana Chips - 5.9g.
Protein Natural Banana Coins - 2.8g. Dried Apricots - 4g. Crystallised Ginger - 0.6g. Pitted Dried Dates - 2.4g. Dried Figs - 1.9g. Pitted Prunes - 2.3g. Flame & Golden Raisins - 2.9g. Dried Mango - 1.9g. Fried Banana Chips - 2.9g.
Salt Natural Banana Coins - <0.1g. Dried Apricots - TRACE. Crystallised Ginger - 0g. Pitted Dried Dates - 0.03g. Dried Figs - 0.1g. Pitted Prunes - 0.075g. Flame & Golden Raisins - 0.04g. Dried Mango - 0.2g. Fried Banana Chips - 0g.
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