Albert Einstein was famous for his work on Quantum Physics, which proved that photons and electrons were not the smallest indivisible particles in our universe. There were actually smaller particles of energy called quarks and leptons. These particles are actually energies vibrating in space. These energies are so small that if it were possible to get close enough to see them the space around them would be nothing but a black void. It was found that all matter was made of these same energies. No matter whether it be an animal, a piece of rock, a bacteria or the air we breathe (the space between everything), it is all made up of the same energies, vibrating in a seamless void. If we could reduce everything down to these energies we would realise there are no divisions between us. The energy from the surface of one animal or thing blurs into the next substance next to it. As opposed to our visual understanding of the world, the reality is everything is connected, not only are we connected to the person nearest to you but to everything in the world, be it animal, rock, air or plant.

Scientists have also disproved a long held belief that we are all controlled by our genes. This is essentially and completely untrue. It was believed that the genes we all inherit at birth were the genes that dictated your health, longevity and what health conditions you would likely suffer during your life and possibly even cause your death. Yes, genes give you your facial characteristics, colour of your eyes and general bodily similarities, but other health and longevity similarities are only predisposed by your genes and will only reoccur if you live in the same environment, and have the same diet and lifestyle as your predecessors.

A new branch of science called Epigenetics has produced research that proved the nucleus of each cell in our body, with its DNA and genetic code DO NOT control the cell. This was proven when scientists were first able to extract a nucleus from a cell. They found that instead of dying the cell lived on functioning generally as normal. When they realised that the nucleus was not the brains of the cell, they looked for where the cell control originated. Eventually it was discovered that the cell membrane, which surrounds the whole of the cell keeping everything inside in and outside out, controls the intake of nutrients (more giving health) and the waste removal (less causing deterioration). They also found that the proteins which dictate what enters and what is removed is solely affected by the environment of the cell, namely energy. We can now begin to see why energy from your environment, which we now know, runs through all matter, directly controls our health. I refer to the health of every cell in our bodies and there are 50 trillion (50 million million - 50,000,000,000,000) of them. The health of every organ, blood vessel, brain cell etc is controlled by energy.

During research scientists realised that our thoughts are also another form of energy. This is an important fact to grasp. Energy in the form of thoughts also has beneficial/positive effects on our cells, or destructive/negative effect. Loving, grateful positive thoughts cause the release of beneficial chemicals with a calming, healthy outcome for the body, while negative thoughts produce stress hormones which have a destructive effect on cells. These positive and negative effects include every part of the cell including the nucleus and the DNA. Another important fact is this effect on our cells happens instantaneously. You may have experienced this reaction yourself. You may have become embarrassed, nervous or scared. Your body instantly reacts with blushing or sweating or preparing for flight or fight. Your body reacts immediately to a good or bad stimulus.

It was realised that our cells did not respond to more than one stimulus at one time and certain energies took preference in the cell. A test was then carried out to compare the results between thoughts and environmental energy. Regardless whether your thoughts or the environment are good or bad, the thought energy was always given preference by the cell. Conclusive proof of how powerful our thoughts are. So no matter how good your diet and lifestyle is, if you have negative/stressful thoughts cells in your body will deteriorate. This is conclusive proof that stress does severe harm to the body, and suffered long term is the beginnings of illness in the body. In fact it has now been proven that 95% of all visits to the doctor can be attributed to stress.

Hopefully you can begin to see that the answer to 95% of human ailments is a good, loving environment, with positive, happy thoughts. Only 5% or less of human ailments has been attributed to genetic disorders.

I would like to stress a fact concerning pharmaceutical drugs at this point. These will only mask a process (symptom) of a disease as it progresses, while allowing the illness to carry on along its path to a final outcome, less detected and undeterred.

Taking control of your life now is the answer to true health. You have everything to do with how you feel and ultimately drugs can only ease your discomfort, and cannot cure what ails you. Don’t let negative thoughts begin to destroy your body and shorten your longevity. Be more loving to yourself and to everyone and everything in the world. Even the worst of diseases can be reversed by a change of attitude and lifestyle. Remember the quantum physics that all matter is connected. Your loving thoughts can go out into the world and have a benefit on others.

If you find the suggestions of being positive difficult to put into action you may have subconscious beliefs which are holding you back. These beliefs were probably inbred into you in your early childhood (scientist say between the ages of 2 and 6). They are beliefs, not necessarily truths. Some children are told they are “worthless”, or ”never amount to anything”. Such statements are given in the hope that the child will try to prove them wrong. Unfortunately this is imprinted in the subconscious and brings conflict with the conscious mind in later life, resulting in long term stress in the body. The good news is there are now several methods for erasing such negative beliefs. These include Psych-K, Core Health, Body talk systems, Emotional freedom technique, etc.

All these facts also help us to understand our spiritual side. The proteins which control the on or off setting of the cell membrane (or magical mem-brain as one scientist calls it) are controlled by energy which must originate from a higher power i.e God or the Universe whichever you prefer. All these latest scientific findings are helping us to understand the way life truly is. The gap between science and spiritual is finally coming together.

For more information about the way science is making the connection between our thoughts and our health, read “The science of belief” by Bruce H. Lipton or go to his website for more links to unblocking beliefs.