Natural Health 4 Life - Health Tips 1 to 50


#1 PMS – Help From B6, Zinc and Magnesium

These 3 nutrients are important for optimum hormone balance and maintaining healthy serotonin levels, which is the hormone responsible for mood and emotion.

#2 Rosacea – and MSM

A double blind clinical study showed that a cream made from MSM (organic sulphur) is effective in reducing the chemicals in the skin which cause flushing and inflammation which is thought to be the 2 main symptoms of rosacea.

#3 Pregnancy Morning Sickness – is Helped by B6 and Ginger

Studies show that 1g of ginger or 50mg of B6 per day had a 60% – 85% improvement with nausea during pregnancy

#4 Visceral Fat – Reduced by Tamarind

A 12 week trial concluded that Hydroxycitric acid, an ingredient found in the Indian fruit tamarind is effective at lowering visceral fat, which is associated with an increased risk of heart disease. Available from health food stores, this fruit usually comes in the form of a paste.

#5 Stimulants – Have an Effect on the Body

Cigarettes, tea, coffee, and alcohol have a significant effect on raising blood sugar levels, so reduce or cut them out to bring balance back to insulin production and improve sustained energy levels.

#6 White Bean Extract – Reduces Carbohydrate Absorption

A natural supplement from the white bean reduces the absorption of carbohydrates. Taken in capsule form before meals this non-toxic supplement will ensure that excess amounts are not consumed, which are then stored as body fat.

#7 Teenage Problems – Can Be Helped By Natural Supplements

Daily supplementation with a good B complex, 5HTP and omega – 3 essential fatty acids has shown teenagers to be calmer, sleep better and concentrate better at school. This is not a miracle cure but it can help teenagers and parents to get along better.

#8 Mould Allergies – Are Help By Vitamin D

A deficiency of vitamin D has been indicated as a possible cause of allergic reactions to common mould. Supplementation with Vitamin D3 would be wise for people with this allergic reaction, especially if they already suffer from any respiratory problems.

#9 High Cholesterol – Can Be Reduced By Eating Walnuts

Walnuts have the best content of omega – 3 essential fatty acids and together with omega – 6 oils this nut has been proven to lower bad (low density) cholesterol levels.

#10 Osteoporosis – The Lysine Connection

The amino acid Lysine, which is a protein building block, plays a fundamental role in calcium absorption. It helps to improve absorption in the gut and prevents loss in the urine. Lysine deficiency has been linked to loss of bone density due to increased excretion of calcium. Lysine is found in Parmesan Cheese, fish particularly cod and sardines, eggs, beans, peas, lentils, brewer’s yeast and potatoes.

#11 Arthritis – How Omega – 3 Fatty Acids Aid Glucosamine Effectiveness

A recent German study found that when arthritis sufferers took omega – 3 oils alongside glucosamine supplementation, an extra 25% of those people on the trial gained relief, while also reporting that pain relief was improved. This is probably due to the oil’s anti-inflammatory characteristics.

#12 Pregnancy – Low Folate levels Can Cause Hyperactivity Later on in Children

A study of 100 women has shown that those with low folate levels reported that at the age of eight or nine their child was suffering with hyperactivity. Supplementing with 40μg of folic acid per day during pregnancy is totally safe and is approved by doctors.

#13 Muscle Soreness – Can Be Reduced By Ginger Supplementation after Exercise

A double blind study of 74 people concluded that taking 2g of fresh or heat treated ginger helped to reduce the pain associated with muscle injury following intense heavy weight exercising.

#14 Organic Foods – Eat Them Whenever Possible

The use of chemical fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides in our food is adding to the toxins which our bodies must remove in order to stay healthy. These chemicals have been proven to upset the balance of our hormones and cause numerous ailments and conditions. We need to have greater control over what we put in our bodies and the best way to do that is to buy organic produce.

#15 Tap Water – Use Reverse Osmosis Filtered or Bottled Spring Water Instead

The government and local water authorities have decided against many scientific studies, to load our drinking water with chemicals in an effort to control the purity of our tap water. Chemicals such as fluorine cause cancer and have not been conclusively proven to reduce tooth decay. They are making the decision to use it for you, and if you want to be certain of its effectiveness and safety cut out drinking tap water and change to reverse osmosis filtered water which are available from some businesses or drink bottle spring water. Be wary of mineral water as the minerals in it are inorganic and the body finds them difficult to use. Also, there are many scientists who believe that drinking mineral water may be the cause of kidney stones.

#16 Oils in Clear Plastic Bottles – Avoid At All Costs

When buying culinary oils, avoid the types that come in clear plastic bottles and have a long shelf life! These oils have been chemically altered to last longer on supermarket shelves. Good quality oils come in amber glass bottles and have a relatively short shelf life. These oils in plastic bottles are not healthy. In fact they are probably one of the worst things you could put in your body. The original oils have been changed, and this can disrupt you system when you consume them. They are a big cause of cancer, and my best advice is, go to your cupboard and if you find any, throw them away!

#17 Raw Nuts – Eat Them in Preference to Roasted and Salted Varieties

Uncooked nuts and seeds are super foods. High in essential fatty acids, protein, vitamins and minerals, these foods are an important part of any healthy diet. They make a healthy snack as opposed to crisps or chocolate. They will help you lose weight, lower cholesterol, reduce the risk of cancer and offset the effects of any bad fats. However, only buy the raw uncooked unsalted varieties. The cooked and salted varieties have had their good oils changed to bad oils and they are also not classed as a healthy snack.

#18 Meat and Chicken – Eat Less for Better Health

Meat and chicken contain saturated fat which can lead to higher cholesterol levels, blood pressure as well as hormone imbalances and cancer due to the hormones which are given to the animals to increase growth. Do yourself a favour and cut down or ideally cut out meat and chicken. Use fish, tofu or whey for your daily protein and notice how much healthier you feel.

#19 Fresh Fruit and Vegetables – Eat More for Better Health

Fresh fruit and vegetables are the main foods to alkalise your body. The body needs to be in an alkaline state for proper health. Most other foods are acid forming so to avoid arthritis and cancer make fresh fruit (not fruit juice) and vegetables three times as abundant in your diet to the rest of your food and notice the amazing difference to your health.

#20 Exercise for 30 Minutes 3 to 4 Times a Week

There have been many World Health Authority reports on cancer and one of the biggest causes of cancer is obesity and the lack of exercise. Exercising for 30 minutes several times a week will improve energy levels, help you lose weight, improve circulation and control mood swings.

#21 Positive Attitude – Is Good For Your Health

Having a positive attitude is extremely important for your health. Good health cannot result from negative feelings. You have to be confident and optimistic, and be always telling yourself you are well and healthy. In this way your thoughts will influence the performance of your body, which is instantly controlled by your thoughts.

#22 Negative News – Don’t Read or Listen to it

In an effort to stay positive it is vitally more important to protect yourself from outside negative information, which may influence your positive attitude. Watching or reading news about violence, catastrophes or occurrences is not good for your health.

#23 PMS – Reduce Refined Carbohydrates and Sugars, Dairy Produce & Salt

A study of women suffering from PMS found that they consumed a much higher proportion of these foods, and were found to be low in magnesium, zinc, iron and B6. Just by supplementing with B6 a very high percentage found their symptoms improved. Increasing quality proteins other than meat and chicken was also helpful.

#24 Herbs – Use Them Instead of Drugs to Aid Recovery from Illness

Drugs have a place in medicine for life threatening conditions. However, for normal every day ailments drugs are only adding toxins to your system which, even if they solve a particular symptom, will cause other side-effects. Drugs do not work with nature. They do not work with your body’s chemistry. By contrast herbs work with your body. They are and have always been effective, and have been used for thousands of years. They do not cause side effects and there is plenty of information available to help you choose the best herb for your problem.

#25 Protein Foods – Don’t Over Use

Protein is useful in the diet and it is a good idea to have some with each meal. However, too much protein is not good and particularly if this is in the form of red meat and chicken. A high protein diet is only advised if it is for growing children. There is even some evidence that bodybuilders do not need super amounts of protein.

#26 Raw Food – Eat as Much As Possible

Raw, uncooked food is especially good for your health. Packed with vitamins and enzymes, these foods offer numerous advantages, instead of the cooking of these foods, which destroys many of these nutrients. Raw vegetables are also good for detoxing the body and lowering body fat. Read our article called “The Raw Food Diet – The Ultimate Diet for Health”.

#27 Sunshine – Get Regular Sensible Amounts Daily

The main point to remember here is “The sun’s energy IS good for you”. If you think you can live without the sun’s energy on your skin, you are wrong. Don’t listen to the sun cream adverts. They just want you to think the sun is bad for you so you will buy more sun cream.

#28 Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) – Take Some Daily

EFAs are essential for life and your body cannot make them for itself. These amazing oils offset the damage done by bad fats, lower body fat, lower cholesterol, protects your skin plus lots more. Use them liberally to improve your health. Read our article “Essentail Fatty Acids – The Natural Way To Nourish The Skin”.

#29 Fresh Air – Get Some Every Day

We need to make sure that we get plenty of fresh air. Stale air does not contain the necessary charged oxygen atoms that our body needs to function properly. We forget that oxygen gives us life. Without it you will die, but we tend to take it too much for granted. If we are still breathing we think everything is o.k. Unfortunately, there are different degrees of surviving with oxygen, and breathing in stale air 24/7 is only just surviving. If you live in a cold area and you stay indoors all the time to keep warm, you still need to take in some quality fresh air every day for your body to function correctly. Also remember that fresh air warms up quicker than stale air, so open the windows in your house every day to change the air. Open your bedroom window slightly, or your vents, every night while sleeping, is also a good idea.

#30 Oat bran – A Good Health Tip

Oat bran is a very good soluble fibre. It provides roughage to aid digestion, helps food to be released more slowly into the system, is good for lowering cholesterol and has been proven to help you lose weight. What more reasons do you want, eat a dessert spoonful daily.

#31 Gratitude – For Everything in Your Life

Gratitude has been scientifically proven to not only have a tremendous influence on your health and state of mind, but can amazingly have an influence on life around you. Read our article “Health and Fitness Begins in Your Mind”.

#32 Chemicals in Your Environment – Remove Them and Stay in Tune with Nature

There are numerous chemicals being used or given off from fabrics and plastics in your home. Most of them only hinder you achieving good health. Try to use non-chemical cleaners and toiletries. Equip your surroundings with natural materials and help your body to function undisturbed by toxins in your environment which undoubtedly interfere with your body chemistry.

#33 Chi Gong Exercises – Do Some Daily

Chi Gong exercises originate from China where people of all ages use these slow rhythmic daily exercises to improve “chi” the energy of the body, tone muscles and strengthen organs. Read our article called “Chi Gong”.

#34 Passion – Pursue Whatever You Are Passionate About

Everyone has something that they do which fills them with joy and satisfaction every single time they do it. What is your passion? Are you pursuing it? Do you do it as often as you can, or are you trying to ignore it because you don’t have the time or the money or feel you should be doing something else instead? The pleasure and emotions you feel when you follow your passion are most likely not experienced by anything else in your life. Think of the effect on your body’s health when you do this as being anti-ageing. Follow your passion! Do it as often as you can and notice how good you feel.

#35 The Future – Always Have Something to Look Forward to

The human body is either looking forward and progressing or looking back and dying. Make sure you always have something to look forward to and are trying to make some progress in anything you do. This will help delay the ageing process.

#36 Procrastination – Get Your Priorities in Order

Don’t put off doing important jobs in your life. Help your life to become more organised and efficient, by reprograming your subconscious to put the jobs you have to do in the proper order of priority. Life will be more satisfying and successful.

#37 Smoking – Stop it and Prevent Pre-mature Ageing

We all know that smoking kills, but some of us think this doesn’t apply to them! On a more basic understanding smoking introduces billions upon billions of free radicles into the body either directly or passively. Free radicles are molecules which scavenge the body looking for atoms to steel to make them whole. They disrupt normal healthy molecules in order to do this, and in the process cause havoc in the body. One of the first signs of free radical damage is causing the face to age more quickly and many smokers by the age of 40 look 10 years older. This ageing is the first sign of pre-mature ageing.

#38 Alcohol – How Much

Alcohol is toxic to the body to varying degrees. The liver is equipped to remove alcohol and occasional consumption has not been proven to have long term serious affects. However, continual daily consumption can, over time, tire the liver, and if you are older this puts an extra strain on your livers ability to keep your body free of toxins which are affecting your health. So, by all means, have an occasional small glass of red wine otherwise do your health a favour and leave it alone.

#39 Breakfast – Have A Good Substantial Start To The Day

It has been known for over 50 years that breakfast should be the main meal of the day. After sleep you have probably not eaten for over 12 hours. Your system is refreshed and rested and ready to start again. Your metabolism needs a kick start and your body needs nutrients to work efficiently. If you ignore your body’s natural desire for food lots of unnatural things begin to happen. Your metabolism becomes even slower because your body thinks you are going to starve, causing you to put on weight when you do eat. Your hormones become out of balance because of the lack of vital nutrients, and then your mood suffers. Your blood sugar levels plummet and with it all sorts of symptoms can begin. There have even been studies that show that if you skip breakfast, no matter if you eat later your body does not recover properly all through the day. So if you want to lose weight, be healthy and happy, have a good well balanced breakfast.

#40 Evening Meals – Avoid Heavy Meals at the End Of The Day

Just as a good breakfast is important, it is important to realise that in the evening your body is slowing down. Your digestion has worked hard during the day and is now ready for a rest. Giving it a large heavy meal is not a good idea. Feed your body a much lighter meal with plenty of nutrients to help the body’s recovery during sleep. After food most people rest and loads of calories are not required. Excess carbohydrates will be converted to fat, and you will be unlikely to be as hungry as you should be the next morning, when you start the process again. For your evening meal have a small amount of protein, don’t overeat those carbs and have a small dose of good oils and see how much better you feel next morning. You will have lost weight, your stomach will be ready for food and you will feel calmer and happier.

#41 Sugar – Why You Should Avoid It

Sugar is not a food. It does not supply your body with anything other than empty calories. Every time you consume any processed sugar your blood sugar level rises, then plummets. This imbalance depletes your body of energy instead of helping as you may think. Such processed foods actually load the body with toxins which put an unnecessary strain on your liver. All this causes the body to function less efficiently and the result is probably a weight increase. The big problem is that the brain thinks that the sugar is good for you, and you may feel better for a while after eating it. Unfortunately it is the sugar which is causing you to feel the need for more sugar, and the craving can be almost an addiction spiralling you down to less energy, more weight gain and more mood swings.

#42 Glycaemic load – The Importance of G.L. In Your Diet

Glycaemic load is the balancing of foods of different Glycaemic Index ratings in the same meal. 100g of food with a G.I. of 90, with 100g of food with a G.I. of 30, will give 200g of a glycaemic load of 60. If you are having high G.I. foods in a meal balance them with some low G.I. foods to lower the effect on your blood sugar levels. If you do this notice how your energy levels are more sustained throughout the day, and how more balanced your mood is.

#43 Vitamin D – Produced By the Body after Sunbathing Is Removed By Washing

Vitamin D is essential to good health and most of us know that it is produced by the body after sunbathing. However, many of us don’t know that when we use sun-creams we are restricting the amount of valuable Vitamin D producing sunshine, and if we wash these body parts with soap we remove any chance of making any Vitamin D. Also, it takes up to 3 days for the body to make Vitamin D from the sun’s rays.

#44 Sun-creams – Some creams stop good valuable UVB rays, but not the harmful UVA rays

Yes that is true. Examination of numerous sun-creams that you can buy are only restricting the good UVB rays and allowing the bad UVA rays which are actually carcinogenic. This is one example of toiletry companies making products that will give your body dangerous and negative problems.

#45 Toiletries – Many over the Counter Products Contain Sodium Laurel Sulphate

SLS, is an industrial degreaser and is the cause of numerous recognised health problems including cancer. Check your toiletry label ingredients for SLS, named as Laurel or Laureth, and find another alternative. Read our article “Toiletries – The Truth about the Ingredients in Your Toiletries?”

#46 Fruit – Make Sure It Is Ripe Before You Eat It

When you buy your fruit most of the time in the U.K. you will find that it is under ripe. The logistics of shipping fruit in to this country, so that after the shipping period it is still edible, requires that the growers pick the fruit under ripe and hope that it is ready to eat by the time you have bought it. This very rarely happens and most times some fruit needs up to a week before this happens. The temptation is to eat it too soon before it is properly ripe. When you do this the enzymes in the fruit have not had time to do their job of ripening, and the fruit will be very difficult to digest, and in some cases cause stomach upsets. Test the fruit for softness or lack of green colouration if necessary to ensure good digestion, maximum vitamin content and enzyme bio-availability. Try not to buy fruit that has been kept in a refrigerated store because the fruit doesn’t keep when you take it home.

#47 Pineapple – The Super Enzyme Fruit

The pineapple contains the most enzymes of all fruits. These wonderful compounds have amazing health giving benefits particularly for digestion. These fruits offer excellent value for money in terms of nutritional value and justify a regular place in your shopping trolley

#48 Toiletries – Everything you put on your skin is absorbed

Many people think that what you put on your skin is just for your skin, but this is not true. Anything put on the skin is absorbed into the blood stream almost as much as if you ate it. So be wary of what is in your toiletries if you are looking for optimum health. Read our article “Toiletries – What Harmful Chemicals are in Yours?”

#49 Cooking Tip – Why Not To Fry Your Eggs

Eggs are a highly nutritious food and they are an excellent source of protein. Eggs are very versatile in the different ways they can be dished up. However, the most popular ways of cooking eggs is to fry them or make an omelette. The big problem of regularly eating your eggs this way is that frying your eggs makes the protein in them very difficult to digest, so to help get the most nutrition from your eggs find other ways to enjoy them.

#50 Body Posture – Be Aware of Yours and Look After it

Many of us are unaware how important good posture is. Apart from the aches and pains that will result from bad body posture, the information which flows from your brain to your organs and back again will be affected by varying degrees and will lower the efficiency of the organs and increase the risk of problems arising. Read our article “The Importance Of Exercise In Health And Fitness”.