• Savoury Nut Misshapes 750g
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A selection of 14 savoury flavoured nuts of different types. This is a mixture of nuts that are not the right colour, or shape, or perfect crispness. All products are still totally delicious and offered to you as a mixture at about half their normal price.

This mixture includes: 

Caramelised Coffee Honey Almonds,

Baked & Salted Almonds,

Baked & Salted Mixed Peppercorn Almonds,

Baked & Salted Hot Chilli Almonds,

Baked & Salted Lemon Almonds,

Baked & Salted Vinegar Almonds,

Baked & Salted Jalapeno & Lime Cashews,

Baked & Salted Hot Chilli Cashews,

Baked & Salted Black Pepper Cashews,

Baked & Salted Smoked Cashews,

Caramelised Honey Chilli Cashews,

Baked & Salted Cashews,

Baked & Salted Pecan Nuts,

Baked & Salted Pistachios (IN SHELLS).

May contain other Nuts and/or Peanuts.

Allergens in Bold For full ingredients with any allergens, and nutritional information, see individual product listings
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