Natural Health 4 Life is delighted to present ground cumin, a spice cherished in various cuisines worldwide since ancient times. Our cumin powder is a dried seed ground with a fine texture, ensuring ease of use for amateur and professional chefs.

The cumin powder is sourced from multiple countries, adhering to stringent quality standards to offer you an authentic and versatile product. Cumin is primarily celebrated as a main ingredient in Asian cuisine, chillies, and curries. A nutty undertone complements its spicy flavour, emitting a strong, distinctive aroma that can enhance any dish.

Whether preparing a complex curry or a simple stir-fry, this ground cumin will elevate your cooking. For those interested in the health benefits of cumin, it can also be used to make cumin water or cumin tea. Add half to one teaspoon of cumin to boiling water, and you can even add salt or lemon juice according to your taste preferences. Consuming this on an empty stomach the first morning can offer various health benefits. Natural Health 4 Life ensures that all allergens are marked; in this case, the only allergen is cumin. We take great care to provide you with a product that is not just a spice but an integral part of your culinary journey.

Choose from our selection of weights and containers to find the perfect fit for your kitchen.

Allergens in Bold Cumin.
Country of Origin Product of more than one country
Useful Information

Cumin (Jeera) is a very popular spice used in a variety of different cuisines around the world since ancient times.
It is especially used as a main ingredient in Asian cuisine, chilli and curries.
A great spicy flavour with a nutty taste and a strong, distinctive aroma which will enhance any dish.
Cumin water, Cumin Tea: Just add 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of Cumin and boil for a few minutes. you can add salt or lemon juice if your taste desires. Drink on a empty stomach 1st thing in the morning.

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