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Natural Health 4 Life proudly presents dried bird's eye chillies in a convenient 25g glass jar. Originating from regions such as India and Africa, these chillies are a staple in various cuisines, offering a heat index that ranges from 100,000 to 225,000 on the Scoville Scale.

The chillies are carefully selected to ensure they meet the highest quality standards. They are de-stemmed and slender in shape, measuring approximately 1 inch in length. The colour varies from vibrant orange to deep red, adding heat and a visual appeal to your dishes. Known by various names such as "piri piri" and "African Bird's Eye," these chillies are renowned for their authentic flavour. They are a popular choice in Eastern Asian cuisines but are versatile enough for various dishes, from spicy curries to tangy salsas. The 25g glass packaging ensures that the chillies remain fresh and retain their flavour for an extended period. It is also an eco-friendly option, aligning with the sustainable practices that Natural Health 4 Life is committed to.

When it comes to usage, these chillies are packed with possibilities. They can be used whole or ground into a powder for a more concentrated flavour. Whether you want to add heat to a salad dressing or create a delicious marinade, these chillies offer a versatile solution. Safety is a priority; hence, it is advised to keep the product out of reach of children. The chillies are also ideal for conserving oil, which can then add a spicy kick to salad dressings or as a drizzle over grilled vegetables. Natural Health 4 Life ensures that each pack of dried bird's eye chillies is subjected to rigorous quality checks. This ensures that you get a product that is high in quality and consistent in flavour and heat.

In the culinary landscape, the dried bird's eye chillies from Natural Health 4 Life are a testament to quality and authenticity. They offer a unique blend of heat and flavour that is hard to find in other chilli varieties. Elevate your cooking experience with this exceptional selection from Natural Health 4 Life.

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