Self-Hypnosis: Everything You Need to Know About Auto-Suggestion

Although you may not know it yet, auto-suggestion is a powerful technique used in self-hypnosis. This method is also a very popular and successful way to change and enforce your current way of thinking to achieve certain goals. This technique fully utilises all of the senses in order to inter-relate with all the thoughts and ideas that are created by the five senses. In other words, you are merely imposing your will (manifested as suggestions) on the sub-conscious to bring about a change to attitude and the health of the body.

Suggestions, thoughts and emotions are what govern our sub-conscious, which ultimately dictates our attitude to life, how we react to situations, the benefits or disadvantages of our mental prioritisations, and our state of health and likelihood of longevity. They become part of the psyche and reach the subconscious to influence who you are at a basic level. Everyone is capable of, and should, control their thoughts so that every piece of information and detail that passes through to the subconscious mind is for the betterment of the soul and the body. Though some people understand this concept, they are unable to use it, because they do not have sufficient knowledge or the tools that are available, like self-hypnosis to make the process more efficient.

The Power of the Subconscious Mind

The power of the subconscious mind is not used by most people since they are unaware of its capabilities for self-improvement, and don’t work to unleash its full potential. Of course a lot of people have an idea of what the subconscious is, but they do not realise its dominance and potential. They are oblivious of their ability to use its power to attain their goals and desires. The subconscious mind is a powerful instrument, and unless you understand how it functions and know how to work with it, your circumstances will probably never change. If you want things to alter for the better you cannot leave the events of your life to ‘chance’, for unfortunately there really is no such thing. Even events that appear to be luck are only a manifestation of the universe, to bring you a desire or begin a chain of events which will eventually lead to the realisation of your beliefs.

When a thought or spoken word is received by the subconscious mind, it is accepted as being true. It has no ability to reason whether the thought or statement is true or false, it accepts it as fact. It is therefore always important to be true to yourself and everyone else, otherwise your sub-conscious will constantly be receiving mixed messages which confuse it, and what you really want will have conflicting messages to contend with. What you do not want is a subconscious which is not clear on what you tell it. The mind is just like a plant; by caring for it and using good seeds, you can reap large amounts of great things in your life.

Focusing on a certain goal is a big factor in the ability to practice auto-suggestion. Dull thoughts and words still reach the subconscious mind, but they will not have a life enhancing effect, but instead may bring you confusion and negative feelings and emotions. This is because the subconscious helps to manifest your thoughts as future deeds in order to accomplish these desires.

Purpose of Hypnosis

There are two ways to reduce stress and fight inner turmoil using hypnosis. The first method to use helps you to achieve a deep relaxed state. You will need to activate your relaxation response. This is now regarded, even by scientists as the most effective way to avoid health conditions caused by excessive stress.

The second way is to use hypnosis to bring about lifestyle modifications in order to optimise mental and physical attributes. For example, you can use hypnosis to motivate yourself in doing a certain thing, like a physical exercise or gaining a skill like sales power, better golf, relieving migraine or memory improvement. Also, this method is great for remedying eating problems or issues and the achievement and confidence gained will motivate you to further improvements. Success breeds success.

Self-hypnosis is a highly convenient method which can be accomplished by anyone with reasonable intelligence in the comfort of their own home. It is also possible to learn how to use Self-Hypnosis so you can achieve effective results in a little as 7 days. The flexibility of hypnosis enables it to be used as a method that can be applied to almost all mental and psychological related concerns, from simple relaxation activities to more complicated objectives like pain management, for instance. It is actually a very simple process to follow, which is amazingly inexpensive these days. The ultimate advantage to it is that it has results that will last a lifetime. It is totally safe and risk free and there are absolutely NO side effects; just loads of positive effects and benefits.

Preparing for Self-Hypnosis

Don’t expect to succeed in your first attempt, but don’t be discouraged. Constant practice and faith are important factors in success with self-hypnosis.

Always set a goal when you start. This must be a clear and definite intention, and something that you know will enhance your life in some way. Always have the goal in your mind and picture it clearly.

Imagination is necessary in visualising images. Prepare a place where you find it easy to relax; devoid of distractions of any kind. Envision yourself already having achieved your desired goal. Relax and breathe into the diaphragm through the nose, followed by an out-breath releasing tension with the breath through the mouth. Do not worry about thoughts that come into your mind, just relax and pay no heed to them. At first it may take several minutes but with practice you will find yourself in a deep relaxed state; a state which will be similar to when you are dreaming. In this altered brain wave state your mind will be relaxed but highly alert. It is like day dreaming, and any words you hear will go straight to your subconscious, even if you are not conscious of hearing them or don’t remember them afterwards.

Positive messages and affirmations heard during this period can be in the form of a recorded self-hypnosis method or you can record your message on tape, cd or MP3. It is probably desirable to put several minutes of relaxing music in front of your message so you don’t have to move to switch on a recording once you are in your deep relaxed state. At the end of the session you can bring yourself out of the relaxed state by telling yourself to wake up and stretch if required by counting backwards from 10 to 1.

This technique does not force any changes, but instils new beliefs on your subconscious mind, and with continued sessions these beliefs will become part of your life and who you are, as if you had understood these messages all your life.

Things to Know When Getting Started

There are lots of techniques and processes that are used today to attain the state of hypnosis easily. These include processes such as interacting with the subconscious mind and more.

Below are the two most typically used processes for inducing one’s self on hypnosis.

Auto-questioning – this refers to certain techniques that use a certain method to obtain information directly from the individual’s subconscious mind. This is also known as autogenic training and this involves training an individual’s mind to believe in something.

Autohypnosis induction script – is the method of induction talk used for people starting to do self-hypnosis. Lots of people use this process to easily enter a trance. These are usually in the form of recorded discs and should be listened to when practicing.

Self-hypnosis is proven and tested to effectively provide positive benefits that can lead to a healthy emotional and psychological well-being.

To make it easier to learn the techniques, you should first of all try practicing meditation to calm your mind. This will help you later, so that you can be guided throughout the entire process without any feelings of tension or strain.

Scepticism is expected for these techniques. It is normal to doubt, but just have faith and it will happen for you. You just need to keep practicing. Continuous practice will remove these doubts as your life begins to change and you notice that your goals will begin to become realistic possibilities. Planned auto-suggestion to improve your life and health are realistic targets and greatly rewarding.

If you have ever considered that your thoughts and reactions were working against you now is the time to use the safe, simple benefits of self-hypnosis to change the way you think and react to better your life in a host of ways.