Core Workouts – The All-Body Strength Builder

Basically a core workout routine refers to exercising the muscles at the middle of the body and the torso, termed your core. This is what connects and unifies everything else together, and if the core is strong it gives you a good steady and reliable place to stabilise everything else from; resulting in supreme balance and co-ordination.

If you are going to have a strong core that everything else is reliant on, the abdominal region is the starting point. That statement might put some people off; just talking about gaining stronger abs makes a lot of people shy away. The abdominals are just another body part and shouldn’t be neglected. They naturally need the right exercises to make them perform correctly and claim the power they need.

The full core powerhouse of the body that I am referring to is the abs, hips, lower back and gluts. This is the body’s focus for strength, core control and stability, and any weakness in the core will eventually cause a breakdown regardless of how strong the rest of the body is.

A core workout routine, will promote the release of feel good hormones, called endorphins, as the exercise progresses. This will speed up your metabolic rate and help you lose weight as you perform the exercise. Core workout routines usually incorporate the whole body with toning exercises which leads to a well-shaped, sexy body.

Pilates is probably one of the best core body workout exercises. The Pilates way of exercise was constructed by a German named Joseph Pilates, who as a child was sickly, but to overcome his physical disabilities he tried all different kinds of movement to find what suited his abilities. The exercises were compiled over time, and the stretching, flexibility and strengthening exercises he developed enabled him to prove there was a simple efficient method of fitness which even people of his disabilities could do effectively.

Joseph Pilates found that the body is dependent on the strength and stability of the core, to determine the range of motion that is available to the body. Core exercising will eventually help strengthen all of the body’s muscles, and total body fitness cannot result without a strong core.

Core exercises are all completed on the floor, using a mat or roll. They can be challenging, but controlled breathing which is integral to the exercise routine, together with rest periods help reduce the stress effect on the body. You will also naturally find that controlled breathing will enhance the flow of your movements. Your muscle flexibility and joint mobility will greatly improve as you progress with core exercises which will make them less prone to injuries.

Core exercises are excellent for alleviating backache and back pain problems. There are specific back and core strengthening exercises which will certainly help you to lose the back pain by improving and maintaining correct body posture.

Pelvic muscles will also be strengthened which is an extra aid during pregnancy, and it can also help with stress incontinence. Core exercises are ideal for essential strength in certain muscle groups associated with pregnancy, especially the abdominals and the back, so it is well worth considering when thinking about becoming pregnant.

All core exercises can be done by people of virtually any age. They are normally done in a series or set of exercises, with a number of circuits for each of the series. Each exercise is normally timed which helps to keep your heart rate up, and a complete core workout routine session normally lasts about 30 minutes. It is a very good all round exercise which receives my best workout merit because of what it achieves for the health and shape of the body, while not needing any expensive equipment.

You can enjoy your core workout routines whether you practise in your own home or join in at a scheduled class, but remember to get the most benefit the exercises need to be done 2 to 3 times per week. Core workout is vastly under-rated, and it is time that we all did some regular core workouts, for the sake of our health and having a fun pastime.