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Discover the irresistible taste and numerous health benefits of our dried pears. These succulent, sliced pears are expertly dried to lock in their natural sweetness and flavour, making them an excellent alternative to sugary confectionery.

Grown in the beautiful landscapes of South Africa, our pears are sourced from high-quality orchards that guarantee the finest taste and nutritional value. With over 3000 varieties of pears worldwide, we've carefully selected the best to offer you a delicious and healthy snack option. Dried pears are not only saturated fat-free but also high in fibre, contributing to better digestion and overall well-being.

Their natural sweetness and satisfying texture make them an ideal choice for curbing cravings and maintaining a balanced diet. These versatile treats can be enjoyed in various ways. Savour them straight from the packet, or soak them overnight to create delightful compotes or purees. They also make a fantastic addition to breakfast cereals, salads, and baked goods like pastries and cakes. Available in an Eco friendly, fully recyclable and convenient 600g Kraft tub or a 12.5kg box, you can choose the size that best suits your needs.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to enjoy the delightful taste and health benefits of our dried pears. Place your order now and experience the natural goodness of this delicious and nutritious snack.

Allergens in Bold Pears, Preservative: Sulphur Dioxide E220.
Energy (Kjoules) 1096
Energy (Kcal) 262
Fat 0.6g
Of which Saturates 0g
Carbohydrate 69.7g
Of which Sugars 62.2g
Fibre 7.5g
Protein 1.9g
Salt <0.01g
Health Benefits Saturated Fat Free. High in Fibre.
Country of Origin Product of South Africa
Useful Information

Pears are grown on medium size trees or shrubs. There are over 3000 varieties of pears.
Pears are grown in many countries. Europe, Africa and Asia.
Pears can be consumed fresh, dried, canned or juiced.
The world production is around 23 million tonnes and China is the world leader.
They make a healthy snack which is naturally sweet, instead of eating sugared confectionery.
They can be eaten straight from the packet, soaked overnight, made into compotes or purees.
They can be chopped into breakfast cereals, salads or as an ingredient in baking pastries and cakes.

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