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  • Pink Peppercorns 5kg
    Pink Peppercorns 5kg

    Pink peppercorns are mildly spicy and aromatic. Excellent for flavouring...

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  • Psyllium Husks 25kg
    Psyllium Husks 25kg

    Psyllium husks is a water soluble powder and the best vegetable fibre...

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    Quinoa flakes are simply quinoa that has been rolled into a very thin flake. They're commonly used to prepare a hot breakfast cereal.Quinoa flakes are GLUTEN FREEQuinoa is not a grain. It is classed as a grass seedQuinoa is a good source of an alkaline food. This helps our bodies to balance too much, acid forming foods, which we can get from grains and a...

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item